Twentieth Century 1934

Ralph Forbes, Carole Lombard, John Barrymore - Twentieth Century
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Danny Peary
Alternate Oscars, One Critic's Defiant Choices for Best Picture, Actor, and Actress - From 1927 to the Present
New York, 1993

Duane Byrge, Robert Milton Miller
The Screwball Comedy Films, A History and Filmography, 1934-1942
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 1991

Frederick W. Ott
The Films of Carole Lombard
Secaucus, NJ, 1974

Twentieth Century
United States 1934

Directed by

Charles Lane
Etienne Girardot
Dale Fuller
Herman Bing
Frank Mills
George Offerman Jr.
George Reed
Pat Flaherty
Howard C. Hickman
Frank O'Connor
Eddy Chandler


Running time:91 minutes
Country:United States

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