Sunnyside Up 1929

You'll eat this one up, and it furnishes its own cream and sugar. Janet Gaynor turns loose her cute little singing and speaking voices in a story of high life and low in New York, and Charles Farrell is on hand to woo her with more than gestures.

"Sunny Side Up" is another Cinderella yarn, with the rich young Farrell finding the poor young Gaynor at a block party on the New York East Side. This will never do, thinks Charlie. Before you know it, Janet has cut out the rich gild friend, played by Sharon Lynn, and the Gaynor-Farrell love team scores a thumping old touchdown in the last minute of play. El Brendel, Fox favorite, furnishes a lot of laughs, as does Marjorie White, a pert little piece from the musical comedy stage. The De Sylva, Brown and Henderson music is particularly gay. Janet pipes the theme song, and nearly everybody has a tune or two in his system.

Something new for Janet and Charlie, after their royal line of sobby little love stories. But they came through like good troupers, and you'll care for the result. The bright little picture shows that we can have our songs, dances and loves without going backstage for them. And don't forget to keep your eye on the White girl. She should go far.
All Talkie.

Photoplay December 1929

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Sunnyside Up
US 1929

Directed by

Mary Forbes
Mary Gordon
George Ernest
Sherwood Bailey


Running time:12,000 ft. 1

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