Cool Hand Luke 1967

After a drunken spree, happy-go-lucky Luke Jackson is sentenced to two years on a chain gang. The administrators of the road gang to which he is sent are cynical, brutal and totally dedicated to quenching any spark of spirit in the prisoners. But Luke's habit of never giving up is soon to make him into a legend.

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Author:John Caps
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Illustrations:  yes
Author:Simon Braund
Title:The Top 10 Prison Breaks
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Cool Hand Luke
United States 1967

Directed by
Stuart Rosenberg

J.D. Cannon
Robert Drivas
Lou Antonio
Clifton James
Morgan Woodward
Luke Askew
Richard Davalos
Wayne Rogers
Ralph Waite
Anthony Zerbe
James Gammon


Running time:126 minutes
Country:United States

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