The Red Badge of Courage 1951

Cast and credits
Directed by John Huston
Screenplay by John Huston
ThompsonRobert Easton
The Loud SoldierBill Mauldin
The Tattered ManRoyal Dano
Bill PorterArthur Hunnicutt
The Tall SoldierJohn Dierkes
The Cheery SoldierAndy Devine
The YouthAudie Murphy
Veteran OfficerWilliam 'Bill' Phillips
VeteranI. Stanford Jolley
SoldierJohn Crawford
Passing Soldier - VeteranHouse Peters Jr.
SoldierTodd Karns
Confederate SoldierJohn Piffle
NarratorJames Whitmore
ColonelGlenn Strange
VeteranDick Curtis
Grizzled Union VeteranJohn Huston
Wounded OfficerWhit Bissell
Union Soldier Fording RiverAlbert Band
Union SoldierWilliam Schallert
CorporalStrother Martin
VeteranGuy Wilkerson
VeteranFrank Sully
Union SoldierGeorge Offerman Jr.
Jake - VeteranEmmett Lynn
Director of photography Harold Rosson
Produced by Gottfried Reinhardt
Executive Producer Dore Schary
Music composed by Bronislau Kaper
Edited by Ben Lewis
Running time: 69 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English