Hearts in Dixie 1929

At the risk of giving that colored boy, who glories in the classic monicker of Stepin Fetchit, a bigger opinion of himself than he now possesses if possible, we are going to say that you ought to see that boy throw his flat feet around in "Hearts in Dixie," Fox's all-negro picture. This is the lad who has usurped the leadership of colored society in cinema circles. He stands outside the theaters in Hollywood and when one of his race goes by he points to himself on the posters and yells: "Look ahere, big boy, that's me!"

This is the first really all-colored cast (we were going to say "all-colored picture") and it gives you on the screen a grand exposition of plantation life with its joys and sorrows, its ignorance, its superstition and rehgious frenzy. It's all very real and understandable.

Photoplay May 1929

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Hearts in Dixie
US 1929

Directed by
Paul Sloane

Clarence Muse
Eugene Jackson
Richard Carlyle


Running time:6,644 ft. 1

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