Behind Closed Doors 1929

A simple but tense tale of lost papers and mislaid identities, centering around the activities of a United States secret service girl in a mythical country. It takes a great deal of gun-play and strangling to locate the spy, but Miss America's brain-work knocks twenty ambassadors for a loop. Virginia Valli, beautifully gowned and poised, is the special agent, and De Segurola is excellent.

Photoplay May 1929

Books with an entry on Behind Closed Doors
Larry Langman & David Ebner
Encyclopedia of American Spy Films
New York & London, 1990

Behind Closed Doors
United States 1929

Directed by
Roy William Neill

Otto Matieson
Andrés de Segurola
Torben Meyer


Running time:70 minutes
Country:United States

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