A Double Life 1947

Schizophrenic actor Ronald Colman, obsessed with the role of Othello he is playing on the Broadway stage, finds he is playing the part in real life, even to the point where he commits murder. 1

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A Double Life
United States 1947

Directed by

Ray Collins
Millard Mitchell
Charles La Torre
Wilton Graff
Harlan Briggs
Betsy Blair
Guy Bates Post
Fay Kanin
Elliott Reid
Georgia Caine
William Bailey
Howard M. Mitchell
Leander De Cordova
Alexander Clark
Jack Perrin
Franklyn Farnum
Elmo Lincoln
Robert Emmett Keane
Heinie Conklin
Hazel Keener
Carl Milletaire


Running time:104 minutes
Country:United States

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