Two-Faced Woman 1941

Cast and credits
Directed by George Cukor
Screenplay by S.N. Behrman
George Oppenheimer
Salka Viertel
Karin Borg BlakeGreta Garbo
Lawrence Larry BlakeMelvyn Douglas
Griselda VaughnConstance Bennett
Oscar O. O. MillerRoland Young
Dick Dickie WilliamsRobert Sterling
Miss Ruth Ellis, Larrys SecretaryRuth Gordon
Bit PartGeorge Cleveland
Rhumba DancerEmily Fitzroy
Member of Nightclub TrioKen Darby
Mr. WilsonG.P. Huntley
Skier Who Searched for Missing CoupleWilliam Tannen
Frank, Ski Lodge ManagerOlin Howland
Dress Shop SaleswomanOdette Myrtil
Dress Shop Clerk Who Called HotelHillary Brooke
Debutante in Ladies RoomGloria DeHaven
GuideVinton Hayworth
Dance Floor ExtraCyril Ring
William Bailey
Director of photography Joseph Ruttenberg
Produced by Gottfried Reinhardt
Music composed by Bronislau Kaper
Running time: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English