The Little Drummer Girl 1984

Diane Keaton - The Little Drummer Girl

A Palestinian bomber has killed an Israeli diplomat and his family and the Israeli plot to neutralise him becomes convoluted as they select an American Actress (Charlie) to impersonate the Bomber's brother's girlfriend after the Israeli's capture and kill the brother. Charlie is placed into a world where she begins being an actress, then becomes a spy, then is trained by the Palestinians as a guerrilla and finally is sent to deliver a bomb. She is chronically confused by how far she is really supposed to go in her impersonations and how much of herself she must give up.

Books with an entry on The Little Drummer Girl
Larry Langman & David Ebner
Encyclopedia of American Spy Films
New York & London, 1990

The Little Drummer Girl
United States 1984

Directed by

Sami Frey
Michael Cristofer
Thorley Walters
Rowena Cooper
Peter Capell
Heinz Weiss
Reinhard Kolldehoff
Elisabeth Neumann-Viertel
David Suchet


Running time:130 minutes
Country:United States

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