The Kremlin Letter 1970

Cast and credits
Directed by John Huston
Screenplay by John Huston
Erika KosnovBibi Andersson
WardRichard Boone
HighwaymanDean Jagger
Madam SophieLila Kedrova
Sweet AliceMicheál MacLiammóir
Charles RonePatrick O'Neal
WarlockGeorge Sanders
Puppet MakerRaf Vallone
Colonel KosnovMax von Sydow
BresnavitchOrson Welles
Lt. GrodinSandor Eles
ProfessorGuy Deghy
AdmiralJohn Huston
The NegressVonetta McGee
The PriestMarc Lawrence
The DentistVictor Beaumont
Director of photography Edward Scaife
Produced by John Huston
Production Design Ted Haworth
Edited by Russell Lloyd
Running time: 120 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English