Sharky's Machine 1981

An undercover drugs operation results in the death of an innocent bus passenger. As a result, detective Sharky is demoted to vice squad duties. He persuades his new boss Frisco to allow him to organise a 'machine' of fellow 'loser' cops to investigate expensive hookers and possible political corruption, which is bad news for a ruthless white slaver and political puppeteer called Victor. Sharky institutes a 24-hour surveillance on a high-class prostitute, Dominoe, becoming obsessed with the girl and determined to prevent her possible elimination. But a hired killer called Billy Score does reach her apartment door.

Books with substantial mentioning of Sharky's Machine
James Robert Parish
The Great Cop Pictures
Metuchen, N.J., & London, 1990

Sharky's Machine
United States 1981

Directed by

Brian Keith
Earl Holliman
Bernie Casey
Henry Silva
Darryl Hickman
John Fiedler
Bill Nunn


Running time:122 minutes
Country:United States

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