San Francisco
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San Francisco
United States 1936

Directed by

Harold Huber
Roger Imhof
Charles Judels
Warren Hymer
Edward Earle
Sidney Bracey
Fritzi Brunette
William Newell
Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Jean Acker
Edward Hearn
Jim Farley
Ben Hall
Donald Hall
Henry Roquemore
Charles Sullivan
Rhea Mitchell
Fay Helm
Robert J. Wilke
Leonard Kibrick
Tommy Bupp
Jerry Tucker
Belle Mitchell
Cy Kendall
Sammy McKim
Sonny Bupp
Wilbur Mack
Oscar Apfel
Spec O'Donnell
Harry Myers
Robert McKenzie
Harry Strang
Ben Taggart
Running time:115 minutes
Country:United States

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Photoplay , June 1936

Advertisements for San Francisco

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Photoplay , June 1936

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