Cast and credits
Directed by D.W. Griffith
Screenplay by D.W. Griffith
The Dear OneMae Marsh
The BoyRobert Harron
Arthur JenkinsSam De Grasse
UplifterMary Alden
The Friendless OneMiriam Cooper
The Musketeer of the Slums/Babylonian WarriorWalter Long
The Kindly PolicemanTom Wilson
The GovernorRalph Lewis
Judge of the CourtLloyd Ingraham
Prison GuardJohn P. McCarthy
The Friendly NeighborDore Davidson
The Strike LeaderMonte Blue
CrookTod Browning
BartenderBilly Quirk
Jesus Christ/Cardinal de LorraineHoward Gaye
AdultressOlga Grey
First PhariseeErich von Ritzau
The Bride of CanaBessie Love
Father of the Bride of Cana/WardenWilliam H. Brown
The Bridegroom of CanaGeorge Walsh
Cana Wedding GuestW.S. Van Dyke
Brown EyesMargery Wilson
Prosper LatourEugene Pallette
Brown Eyess FatherSpottiswoode Aitken
Catherine de MédicisJosephine Crowell
Marguerite de Navarre/The Mountain GirlConstance Talmadge
Lamiral de Coligny/DefendantJoseph Henabery
The RhapsodeElmer Clifton
The Princess BelovedSeena Owen
Prince BelshazzarAlfred Paget
King NabonidusCarl Stockdale
The Woman Who Rocks the Cradle/Eternal MotherLillian Gish
High Priest of Bel/Friend of the MusketeerTully Marshall
ExtraConstance Collier
ExtraRussell Hicks
ExtraErnest Butterworth
ExtraFrancis McDonald
Second Priest of BelGeorge Beranger
Raymond Wells
CyrusGeorge Siegmann
The RunnerGino Corrado
Babylonian JudgeGeorge Fawcett
Favorite of the HaremEthel Grey Terry
Child in EpilogueFrancis Carpenter
ExtraFrank Campeau
The Mighty Man of ValorElmo Lincoln
Favorite of the HaremEve Southern
ExtraNigel De Brulier
Favorite of the HaremJewel Carmen
Child in EpilogueVirginia Lee Corbin
Girl at the Marriage MarketMadame Sul-Te-Wan
The Favorite of EgibiWinifred Westover
ExtraDeWolf Hopper Sr.
Kindly NeighborMax Davidson
Jenkins Party GuestKitty Bradbury
Favorite of the HaremNatalie Talmadge
Babylonian SoldierDavid Butler
Second PhariseeErich von Stroheim
ExtraFrank Borzage
Old Babylonian Mother/The City MotherKate Bruce
Man on White HorseDouglas Fairbanks
Favorite of the HaremPauline Starke
Favorite of the HaremCarol Dempster
Boy Killed in BattleWallace Reid
ExtraDonald Crisp
Dancer of TammuzTed Shawn
ExtraKarl Brown
The Mountain Girls BrotherFrank Brownlee
Second PhariseeWilliam Courtright
ExtraDell Henderson
ExtraTammany Young
Favorite of the HaremCarmel Myers
Girl at the Marriage MarketAlma Rubens
Favorite of the HaremMildred Harris
ExtraWilfred Lucas
Babylonian SoldierNoble M. Johnson
ExtraOwen Moore
ExtraKing Vidor
Director of photography G.W. Bitzer
Produced by D.W. Griffith
Country: United States