Helen Morgan - Applause

This is a curious one. Helen Morgan is a beautiful girl famous as a singer of love songs, so they have her play, for most of the picture, a middle-aged and frowsy burlesque queen who emotes about her daughter instead of singing ballads. None the less, some brilliant acting by Morgan and by Joan Peers, a pretty ingenue, and some nice camera work, help save a confusing job. All Talkie.

Photoplay January 1930

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Richard Koszarski, "The Greatest Film Paramount Ever Made", in: Film History, vol. 15, 2003 pp. 436-443
Author:Richard Koszarski
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Magazine:Film History
Illustrations:  yes
Related film: Applause (1929)

United States 1929

Directed by

David Holt


Running time:80 minutes
Country:United States

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