Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man 1951

Cast and credits
Directed by Charles Lamont
Screenplay by Frederic I. Rinaldo
Robert Lees
Bud AlexanderBud Abbott
Lou FrancisLou Costello
Tommy NelsonArthur Franz
Boots MarsdenAdele Jergens
Boots MorganSheldon Leonard
Det. RobertsWilliam Frawley
Dr. Philip GrayGavin Muir
Dr. James C. Turner, Police PsychiatristPaul Maxey
Jack Perrin
Ringsider with CigarStuart Holmes
MiltEdward Gargan
StillwellHerb Vigran
Motorcycle CopRalph Dunn
BartenderHarold Goodwin
Fighter on Rowing MachineKit Guard
WaiterSyd Saylor
Torpedo AlGeorge J. Lewis
Jack Perry
Director of photography George Robinson
Country: United States
Language: English