3 hommes et un couffin 1985

Paris. As air steward Jacques is leaving for a trip to Thailand, he warns his flatmates Pierre and Michel that a package will be left for him, and asks them to take care of it. The following day, Pierre and Michel find a cradle on their doorstep, with a female baby inside, and a letter from a girl who claims Jacques is the father and wants him to look after it while she is in America. The two men soon immerse themselves in domestic bliss, unaware that the baby was not the package Jacques was actually expecting.

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Amy L. Unterburger (editor)
Women Filmmakers & Their Films
Detroit - New York - London, 1998

3 hommes et un couffin
(Three Men and a Cradle)

France 1985

Directed by

Jacques Poitrenaud


Running time:106 minutes

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