Dirk Bogarde, William Russell, Michael Mellinger, Gerard Oury - They Who Dare

Careful, restrained and generally extremely credible story of a Com­mando raid by a mixed force of eleven Greek and British soldiers on two airfields on the island of Rhodes. The tension achieved almost right from the start is brilliantly maintained to the end, when, the raid completed, the two of the party remaining free get hack to the waiting submarine. A good script, fine Technicolored photography, first-class direction and some excellent performances make this one of the best war films made, and also one of the best films of any kind of the British year. 1

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They Who Dare
United Kingdom 1954

Directed by

Kay Callard
William Russell
Gerard Oury
Lisa Gastoni
Michael Mellinger
Robert Rietty


Running time:107 minutes
Country:United Kingdom

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