Looking for Richard 1996

Cast and credits
Directed by Al Pacino
Based on a play by William Shakespeare
Himself/Duke of ClarenceAlec Baldwin
Himself/Richard IIIAl Pacino
Himself/Earl of BuckinghamKevin Spacey
Lady AnneWinona Ryder
1st MurdererBruce MacVittie
RichmondAidan Quinn
HimselfF. Murray Abraham
HerselfViveca Lindfors
Himself (Interview)Kenneth Branagh
Himself (Interview)Kevin Kline
Himself (Interview)James Earl Jones
Herself (Interview)Rosemary Harris
Himself (Interview)Peter Brook
Himself (Interview)Derek Jacobi
Himself (Interview)John Gielgud
Herself (Interview)Vanessa Redgrave
Produced by Al Pacino
Music composed by Howard Shore
Costume Designer Yvonne Blake
Country: United States
Language: English
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
A Michael Hadge/Al Pacino production
Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Dolby stereo
In Colour