New Moon 1940

In 1788, Marianne de Beaumanoir leaves the turmoil of a Paris on the brink of revolution and sails for New Orleans where she is to take over a vast plantation that has been bequeathed to her. On the same ship is a horde of white slaves who include Charles Mission, a nobleman who has fled for his life in the guise of a servant.

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New Moon
United States 1940

Directed by

Grant Mitchell
Dick Purcell
Ivan F. Simpson
William Tannen
Claude King
Cecil Cunningham
Joe Yule
George Irving
Edwin Maxwell
Paul E. Burns
Sarah Edwards
Ted Oliver
Dorothy Granger
Jack Perrin
Edward Hearn
Hillary Brooke
Trevor Bardette
LeRoy Mason
Harry Strang
Ralph Dunn
Gino Corrado


Running time:105 minutes
Country:United States

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