Turkish Delight starts with a look at the failure of sculptor Eric to engage in lasting and meaningful relations with women. His brief encounters with women are purely of a sexual and sometimes violent nature. The rest of the movie consists of flash-backs that may help the viewer understand how Eric came to be this way. Eric picks up hitch-hiker Olga, and immediately they hit it off together, both sexually and spiritually. They live together and even marry at some point, but when Olga flirts with someone else, he slaps her and she leaves him. Later Olga gets a brain tumor that debilitates her (the title of the movie comes from her insistance on eating turkish delight, as she is afraid that harder food will break her teeth) and then dies.

Gerard Soeteman
Turks Fruit
Utrecht, 2000
Books with substantial mentioning of Turks fruit
Rommy Albers, Jan Baeke, Rob Zeeman (red)
Film in Nederland
Amsterdam/Gent, 2004

Henk van Gelder
Hollands Hollywood
Amsterdam, 1995

Turks fruit
Netherlands 1973

Directed by

Tonny Huurdeman
Marjol Flore
Bert André
Paul Brandenburg
Suze Broks
Hans Kemna
David Rappaport
Helen van Meurs
Joost Prinsen
Paul van Gorcum


Running time:112 minutes

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