Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
United States 1939

Directed by

Grant Mitchell
Pierre Watkin
Charles Lane
Dick Elliott
Billy Watson
Delmar Watson
John Russell
Johnny Russell
Harry Watson
Larry Simms
Harry Tenbrook
Howard M. Mitchell
Ken Carpenter
Lorna Gray
Robert Sterling
Harlan Briggs
Alec Craig
Dorothy Comingore
Louis Jean Heydt
James Millican
Eddy Chandler
Craig Stevens
Paul Stanton
Charles Sullivan
George Cooper
John Ince
Dub Taylor
Philip Hurlic
Bobby Larson
Neal Dodd
Henry Roquemore
Frederick Burton
Tommy Bupp
Dickie Jones
Edward Earle
Tommy Baker
Edwin August
William Newell
Gino Corrado
Sammy McKim
William Worthington
Robert Middlemass
George McKay
John Dilson
Blanche Payson
Lafe McKee
Frank O'Connor
Wilfred Lucas
Lloyd Ingraham
Harry Depp
Jack Cooper
Erville Alderson
Dave Willock
Frank M. Thomas
Walter Soderling
Walter Sande
Maurice Cass
Mary Gordon
Ben Taggart
Georgia Caine
Harry Strang
Jack Rice
Matt McHugh
George Lloyd
Milton Kibbee
Robert Emmett Keane
Harry Hayden
Frank Puglia
Country:United States

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Jack Carson, Paul Stanton, Thomas Mitchell, Jean Arthur
James Stewart, Claude Rains
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