The Mudlark 1950

Squelching through the mud of the Thames at low tide in search of valuables that might provide the price of a meal, a 10-year-old waif, Wheeler, discovers a dead seaman. Searching the body, he finds a cheap medallion of Queen Victoria, whom he understands to be "the mother of England". Seeing in the kindly features of the Queen the mother he has never known, he sets out for Windsor Castle in search of her.

Books with an entry on The Mudlark
Ivan Butler
Cinema in Britain, An illustrated Survey
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1973

The Mudlark
United Kingdom / United States 1950

Directed by

Andrew Ray
Beatrice Campbell
Raymond Lovell
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Barry Jones
Howard Douglas
Grace Denbigh Russell


Country:United Kingdom
United States

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