The Broadway Melody 1929

Bessie Love, Charles King, Anita Page - The Broadway Melody

"The Broadway Melody" is going to sing merrily across the screens of the country, entertaining millions and making new friends for the talking pictures. For "The Broadway Melody" is sparkling, smart and entertaining a credit to its makers and a joy to the fans. In it Bessie Love, as half a little sister team who loves and loses, gives the most astounding emotional performance in many months. In it the screen finds a first-rate singing actor in Charles King, from the musical comedy stage. And in it the blonde beauty of Anita Page blooms anew. The picture is most notable, however, because in it the talkies find new speed and freedom. The microphone and its twin camera poke themselves into backstage corners, into dressing rooms, into rich parties, and hotel bedrooms.

Smart Broadway dialogue by James Gleason is expertly and naturally spoken. There is one colored sequence with a new song, "The Wedding of the Painted Doll," that will start you dancing. The story is an odd twist of the love triangle a little sister team from the vaudeville honky-tonks of the Middle West in love with the successful song and dance man of a great New York girl show. The crafty directorial hand of Harry Beaumont has tickled, teased and whipped it into a fast, funny, sad little story, alive in turn with titters and tears. Don't dare to miss "The Broadway Melody." It is Double A, triple-distilled picture entertainment. Why, Bessie Love alone is worth the tariff at the wicket!

Photoplay April 1929

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The Broadway Melody
United States 1929

Directed by

Jed Prouty
Kenneth Thomson
Blanche Payson


Running time:100 minutes
Country:United States

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