Lone Wolf McQuade 1983

Chuck Norris - Lone Wolf McQuade
Chuck Norris - Lone Wolf McQuade
Chuck Norris, Barbara Carrera, David Carradine - Lone Wolf McQuade
Chuck Norris, Barbara Carrera - Lone Wolf McQuade

J.J. McQuade is a Texas Ranger who doesn't exactly follow the rules, is unruly, and prefers to work alone, which earns the nickname, Lone Wolf McQuade. When he discovers some criminals have automatic weapons, he discovers that they were stolen from the military. He tries to handle on his own, as usual, but in the end, an old friend, and a prisoner, whom he was keeping under wraps, are killed. He is then relieved of duty. But then an FBI agent, who also wants to get these guys, offers to help McQuade, and along with a rookie, they track down the mastermind.

Lone Wolf McQuade
United States 1983

Directed by
Steve Carver

Leon Isaac Kennedy
L.Q. Jones
R.G. Armstrong
William Sanderson
Aaron Norris


Running time:107 minutes
Country:United States

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