Cast and credits
Directed by John Huston
Captain Robert Hatch - The Players: U.S.A.Sylvester Stallone
Capt. John Colby - The Players: EnglandMichael Caine
Major Karl Von Steiner - The GermansMax von Sydow
Lutz - The GermansArthur Brauss
Jean Paul - The FrenchBenoît Ferreux
Claude - The FrenchJean-François Stévenin
Rose - The EnglishTim Pigott-Smith
Renee - The FrenchCarole Laure
Shurlock - The EnglishJulian Curry
German - Chief Commentator - The CommentatorsAnton Diffring
Director of photography Gerry Fisher
Produced by Freddie Fields
Production Design J. Dennis Washington
Music composed by Bill Conti
Running time: 116 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English