Books with substantial mentioning of Becket
Jean-Pierre Frimbois
Les 100 chefs-d'oeuvre du film historique
Alleur (Belgique), 1989
Books with an entry on Becket
Kevin J. Harty
The reel Middle Ages, American, western and eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Asian films about medieval Europe
Jefferson, NC, 1999

Ivan Butler
Cinema in Britain, An illustrated Survey
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1973

Paul Michael, editor in chief. James Robert Parish, associate editor
The American movies reference book, The sound era
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.,, 1969

United Kingdom / United States 1964

Directed by
Peter Glenville

Donald Wolfit
Martita Hunt
Pamela Brown
Frank Pettingell
Ivor Dean
Alex Scott
Guy Deghy
Edward Woodward
Geoffrey Bayldon
John Moulder-Brown
Robert Rietty


Country:United Kingdom
United States

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