One of the new Westerns, in which a more thoughtful story and more complex characterisations have been added to the normal fine, Technicolored, scenic backgrounds and sequences of explosive action. But this one rather fails in never making any but the villain's character emerge with the impact that was so obviously intended. Brave settler Howard Keel fighting roaring bandit Anthony Quinn — and a more complex struggle between the bandit's odd half-brother Robert Taylor and the settler's lovely wife, Ava Gardner. 1

Books with substantial mentioning of Ride, Vaquero!
Lawrence J. Quirk
The Films of Robert Taylor
Secaucus, N.J., 1975

Ride, Vaquero!
United States 1953

Directed by

Kurt Kasznar
Ted De Corsia
Charles Stevens
Rex Lease
Emmett Vogan
Bobby Diamond
Percy Helton
Philip Van Zandt


Running time:90 minutes
Country:United States

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