The Road to Glory 1936

Cast and credits
Directed by Howard Hawks
Screenplay by William Faulkner
Lieutenant Michel DenetFedric March
Captain Paul La RocheWarner Baxter
Papa La Roche/Pvt. MorinLionel Barrymore
Monique La Coste - nurseJune Lang
Pipe-smoking, whistling sgt with Russian accentGregory Ratoff
LaRoches tall sgt - handlebar mustacheVictor Kilian
Capt of man on wire - yields to LaRochePaul Stanton
Scared soldier 1st hears diggingJohn Qualen
Lieutenant TannenJulius Tannen
MajorTheodore Von Eltz
Second volunteer: wire rescuePaul Fix
Leg wounded trying wire rescueLeonid Kinskey
ColonelRobert Graves
Signal ManPaul McVey
Col.ordering for attackNicholas Soussanin
French soldierAntonin Artaud
French soldierCharles Vanel
French soldierPierre Blanchar
SoldierJack Pennick
SergeantBen Hendricks Jr.
Director of photography Gregg Toland
Produced by Darryl F. Zanuck
Costume Designer Gwen Wakeling
Running time: 103 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English