Swing Vote 2008

Cast and credits
Directed by Joshua Michael Stern
Screenplay by Joshua Michael Stern
Bud JohnsonKevin Costner
Molly JohnsonMadeline Carroll
Kate MadisonPaula Patton
President Andrew BooneKelsey Grammer
Donald GreenleafDennis Hopper
Art CrumbNathan Lane
Martin FoxStanley Tucci
John SweeneyGeorge Lopez
WalterJudge Reinhold
HimselfWillie Nelson
Larissa JohnsonMare Winningham
Chief Running BearFloyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
Commercial DirectorJoshua Michael Stern
Director of photography Shane Hurlbut
Produced by Jim Wilson
Kevin Costner
Production Design Steve Saklad
Music composed by John Debney
Edited by Jeff McEvoy
Running time: 120 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English