You Can't Take It with You 1938

James Stewart, Jean Arthur - You Can't Take It with You
James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Dub Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Spring Byington, Edward Arnold, Ann Miller, Mary Forbes, Mischa Auer, Lillian Yarbo, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Donald Meek - You Can't Take It with You
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You Can't Take It with You
United States 1938

Directed by

Samuel S. Hinds
Donald Meek
Halliwell Hobbes
Dub Taylor
Mary Forbes
Lillian Yarbo
Clarence Wilson
Christian Rub
Bodil Rosing
Charles Lane
Russell Hicks
Edward Earle
Eddy Chandler
Edward Hearn
Jim Farley
Florence Dudley
John Ince
Frank Mills
Bert Starkey
Charles Brinley
Edwin Stanley
Wedgwood Nowell
Larry Wheat
Frank Shannon
James Millican
Kay Deslys
Bob Kortman
Blanche Payson
Pat Flaherty
Joe Bordeaux
Ian Wolfe
Wallis Clark
Chester Clute
Dick Curtis
Edgar Dearing
John Hamilton
Edwin Maxwell
Lee Phelps
Pierre Watkin


Running time:126 minutes
Country:United States

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