The King of Kings 1927

Cast and credits
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Story by Jeanie MacPherson
Jesus - the ChristH.B. Warner
Mary - the MotherDorothy Cumming
PeterErnest Torrence
Judas IscariotJoseph Schildkraut
John - the BelovedJoseph Striker
Matthew - the PublicanRobert Edeson
Mary MagdaleneJacqueline Logan
Caiaphas - High Priest of IsraelRudolph Schildkraut
PhariseeSam De Grasse
ScribeCasson Ferguson
Pontius Pilate - Governor of JudeaVictor Varconi
Roman CenturionMontagu Love
Simon Of CyreneWilliam Boyd
MarkMichael D. Moore
Malchus - Captain of the High Priests GuardsTheodore Kosloff
BarabbasGeorge Siegmann
MarthaJulia Faye
Mary Of BethanyJosephine Norman
LazarusKenneth Thomson
Dysmas - the Repentant ThiefClarence Burton
Mother of GestasMay Robson
Maidservant of CaiaphasDot Farley
Imbecile BoyLeon Holmes
Eber - a PhariseeOtto Lederer
Young RomanBryant Washburn
Roman NobleLionel Belmore
Prince Of Persia Sojin
Babylonian NobleWilly Castello
CharioteerNoble M. Johnson
ExecutionerJim Farley
Undetermined RolePhilip Sleeman
Undetermined RoleMiriam Battista
Undetermined RoleRex Ingram
Undetermined RoleEarl Metcalfe
Undetermined RoleEulalie Jensen
Undetermined RoleEdward Hearn
Slave to Mary MagdaleneSally Rand
Undetermined RoleCharles Sellon
Undetermined RoleJere Austin
Undetermined RoleFred Becker
Undetermined RoleJoseph Belmont
Undetermined RoleEdna Mae Cooper
Undetermined RoleMilla Davenport
Undetermined RoleWilliam H. Strauss
Undetermined RoleTheodore Lorch
Undetermined RoleJames A. Marcus
Undetermined RoleLouis Payne
Roman SoldierRobert St. Angelo
Undetermined RoleEdythe Chapman
Undetermined RoleColin Chase
Undetermined RoleRobert Ober
Undetermined RoleBernard Siegel
Undetermined RoleRae Randall
Undetermined RoleGeorge F. Marion
Undetermined RoleCharles Stevens
Undetermined RoleJosephine Crowell
Undetermined RoleCarl Stockdale
Undetermined RoleJosef Swickard
Undetermined RoleLucile Browne
Undetermined RoleEdward Brady
Undetermined RoleCharles Clary
Roman SoldierColbert Clark
Frank O'Connor
Undetermined RoleWinifred Greenwood
Undetermined RoleBrandon Hurst
Undetermined RoleJulia Swayne Gordon
Roman SoldierTom London
Undetermined RoleJoe Bonomo
Undetermined RoleDale Fuller
Undetermined RoleBarbara Tennant
Produced by Cecil B. DeMille
Music composed by Hugo Riesenfeld
Country: United States