The Show of Shows 1929

This is the Warners' answer to every revue fan's prayer the very last glittering word in girl and music entertainment.

No less than seventy-seven count-'em stars and near-stars lead the revels in this great display of talent and flash. If some appear only for a split second, and do little more than bow and smirk, you must remember that even the biggest and best pictures have to come to an end by breakfast-time.

Everybody will talk about John Barrymore and his impressive reading of a Shakespearean soliloquy. Frank Fay will make a million friends through his droll work as master of ceremonies. Frenchy Irene Bordoni warbles a warm ballad with much Technicolor eye-rolling. Winnie Lightner and Bull Montana sing a duet that is one of the picture's most terrific riots. Other yeoman service is done by Beatrice Lillie, Ted Lewis, Louise Fazenda, Nick Lucas, Myrna Loy and dozens more including an enormous and perfectly trained chorus. In fact, if the picture has one especially grand thing, it is the succession of novel and beautiful stage pictures and routines devised by Larry Ceballos and Jack Haskell.

None of the songs is outstanding. The Technicolor work is extraordinarily beautiful. But best of all, "Show of Shows" is packed with storms of laughter from start to finish. That alone should send you scurrying in to see the richest and fastest screen revue yet produced. All Talkie.

Photoplay February 1930

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