The Wild Party 1929

It's here! Clara Bow's first talkie. Speculation of months is settled and the Hollywood Whoopee Girl rides on the crest of the sound wave. Clara's voice matches herself, adding power and enthusiasm to her personality. It's a smooth contralto, vigorous and natural.

This sophisticated collegiate picture is a custom-built vehicle for her, incorporating the playgirl role she does best. Every ounce of energy and talent she has is back of her vivid characterization of a college she-daredevil professional life-of-the-party. But her brilliance in necking doesn't mean a thing when she falls for a serious professor. He steps all over her, and later calls it love. Frederic March was recruited from the legitimate stage for this picture. Dorothy Arzner's direction is natural and sophisticated.

Photoplay June 1929

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The Wild Party
United States 1929

Directed by

Jack Raymond
Ben Hendricks Jr.
Lincoln Stedman
Alice Adair


Running time:77 minutes
Country:United States

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