Ziegfeld Follies
Overview  |  Cast and credits
Cast and credits
Country:United States
Directed by Norman Taurog
Vincente Minnelli
Robert Lewis
Roy Del Ruth
Charles Walters
George Sidney
Screenplay by Max Liebman
Roger Edens
Lou Holtz
Devery Freeman
Samson Raphaelson
Everett Freeman
Ralph Blane
Guy Bolton
Eddie Cantor
Charles Walters
Erik Charell
Irving Brecher
Story by Robert Lewis
Himself (in "Heres to the Ladies")/Raffles (in "ThFred Astaire
Herself in Heres to the LadiesLucille Ball
Princess in This Heart of Mine/Moy Ling in LimehouLucille Bremer
Norma in A Sweepstakes TicketFanny Brice
The Star in A Great Lady Has An InterviewJudy Garland
Herself in BeautyKathryn Grayson
Herself in LoveLena Horne
Gentleman in The Babbit and the BromideGene Kelly
Alfredo in scene from La TraviataJames Melton
Lawyers Client in Pay the Two DollarsVictor Moore
J. Newton Numbskull in When Television ComesRed Skelton
Herself in A Water BalletEsther Williams
Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.William Powell
Lawyer in Pay the Two DollarsEdward Arnold
Dance SpecialtyCyd Charisse
Monty (in "A Sweepstakes Ticket")Hume Cronyn
Martin in A Sweepstakes TicketWilliam Frawley
Chinese Gentleman in Limehouse Blues/Telephone VoiRobert Lewis
Herself in Heres to the LadiesVirginia O'Brien
Caller in Number PleaseKeenan Wynn
William Bailey
Second Judge in Pay the Two DollarsWilliam B. Davidson
Duchess in This Heart of MineNaomi Childers
Major-Domo in This Heart of MineCharles Coleman
Telephone Operator in Number PleaseAudrey Totter
Porky in Number PleasePeter Lawford
Wilbur Mack
Chorus BoyTommy Rall
Warden in Pay the Two DollarsHarry Hayden
Major-Domos Assistant in This Heart of MineSam Flint
Third Subway Policeman in Pay the Two DollarsEddie Dunn
Texan in Number PleaseGrady Sutton
Butler in A Great Lady Has An InterviewRex Evans
First Judge in Pay the Two DollarsJoseph Crehan
Second Subway Policeman in Limehouse BluesRay Teal
Director of photography Charles Rosher
George J. Folsey
Produced by Arthur Freed
Costume Designer Helen Rose
Edited by Albert Akst