Broadway Danny Rose 1984

Cast and credits
Directed by Woody Allen
Screenplay by Woody Allen
Danny RoseWoody Allen
Tina VitaleMia Farrow
HimselfSandy Baron
HimselfJackie Gayle
HimselfWill Jordan
HimselfMilton Berle
Vito RispoliPaul Greco
Joe RispoliFrank Renzulli
Lady at PartySheila Bond
Thanksgiving Parades Grand MarshallSammy Davis Jr.
Danny Aiello
Ricky Schroder
Director of photography Gordon Willis
Executive Producer Charles H. Joffe
Production Design Mel Bourne
Costume Designer Jeffrey Kurland
Edited by Susan E. Morse
Running time: 84 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English