Hollywood Canteen 1944

When Slim, a young soldier recovering from war wounds in a New Guinea hospital, sees a Joan Leslie movie, he becomes besotted with the star.

Books with substantial mentioning of Hollywood Canteen
Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein and John Griggs
The Films of World War II
Secaucus, New Jersey, 1973

Lawrence J. Quirk
The Films of Joan Crawford
New York, 1968

Hollywood Canteen
United States 1944

Directed by

Maxene Andrews
Dane Clark
Helmut Dantine
Joan McCracken
William Prince
Craig Stevens
Donald Woods
Jonathan Hale
Charles Sullivan
Jack Mower
Diana Barrymore
Ralph Dunn
Richard Erdman
Mary Gordon
Jimmy Dorsey


Running time:124 minutes
Country:United States

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