Why Be Good? 1929

Aint't it just grand to be naughty? If you don't think so, see Colleen Moore in this. It's another chapter of the jazz age, and the moral is: "Girls, to get your man, seem to be naught}' but still be nice."

"Dancing Daughters" was like that, but more adroit. Still, this picture is clever, and Colleen is pert. How she can dance! There's a cafe called "The Boiler." It will stand night clubs on their ears and give 'em big ideas.

The plot goes thus: Poor girl, rich boy, love, a department store, pretty clothes, mad papas, an understanding mamma, marriage, 'happy ending. Neil Hamilton's the boy. He's good. Girls, you'll be crazy about the love story. The picture's lively, full of pep, a little preachy but entertaining. You'll like Louis Natheaux as the sheik.

Photoplay April 1929

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Why Be Good?
United States 1929

Directed by

Bodil Rosing
John St. Polis
Edward Martindel
Lincoln Stedman
Collette Merton
Dixie Gay
Phil Harris
Phyllis Crane


Running time:84 minutes
Country:United States

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