Interference 1928

The murder seems justified, the police fail to solve it, yet the murderer pays with his life. Thus, in a sentence we have the story of "Interference." The audience sees the murder committed, sees circumstances weave a web around the wrong man. Doris Kenyon has the dramatic role and does excellent work. As the wife of a famous physician she becomes prey for a blackmailing female who threatens her with exposure because of an illicit love prior to her marriage. The blackmailer is murdered and the famous doctor is suspected. Suspense develops as circumstances pile up. Much sympathy goes to the distraught wife in her fight to protect her good name with the husband she fairly worships. William Powell is splendid as the former lover and Clive Brook dignifies the doctor role. It is Paramount's first homemade talkie and you'll like it even if you saw the play.

Photoplay December 1928

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United States 1928

Directed by

Tom Ricketts
Brandon Hurst
Louis Payne
Wilfred Noy


Country:United States

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