Mother Knows Best 1928

When Edna Ferber's short story, "Mother Knows Best," first appeared, it was suspected generally that the Sally Quail of her fiction was really Elsie Janis.

Madge Bellamy plays Sally in this splendid film adaptation and time and again she suggests Elsie Janis. It's quite uncanny. The film adapters have made some changes in the Ferber story. There is a happy — and logical — ending. Mama Quail still maneuvers her daughter to fame— and she does it unyieldingly, lovingly and even tragically.

You will like this picture. It is genuine and moving. This performance marks Miss Bellamy as an actress of the very first rank. Then, too, her imitations are delicious. Louise Dresser's work as Mama Quail is superb and Barry Norton is handsome and appealing as the song writer who loves Sally. The dialogue is a splendid sound addition.

Photoplay December 1928

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Mother Knows Best
US 1928

Directed by
John G. Blystone

Albert Gran
Alyce McCormick


Running time:10,116 ft. 1

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