The Air Circus 1928

This is a collegiate sort of flying film, with an aviation training school for a background. There's no war. Two kids want to be Lindberghs. One of the lads loses his nerve. His mother has not wanted him to be a flier, because his big brother has been killed in the skies over Flanders. So the boy looks like a flop. Then his pal starts off in a plane with his girl on board. Their landing gear falls off. Who will warn them? None other than the boy who has feared the air. Thus the two parachute to safety.

David Rollins does excellently as the boy who was afraid and Arthur Lake is delightful as his pal, Speed. Louise Dresser gives a moving performance of the mother and Sue Carol is attractive as the girl. There are several talking sequences in "The Air Circus" but they do not add particularly to the film.

Photoplay November 1928

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The Air Circus
US 1928

Directed by

Heinie Conklin


Running time:7,702 ft. 1

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