Christina 1929

Humor and pathos are delicately blended in "Christina." The story is weak and improbable but raised by superb direction and acting to near greatness at times. Had Mine. Bosmon been more of a human being and less of a female Jack Dalton, and had the end of the story involved less of a strain on the imagination, "Christina" would have been one of the great pictures of the year. As the little daughter of a toymaker on the Isle of Marken, Janet Gaynor finds her white knight in a circus lad astride a farm horse.

The romance is charmingly and subtly developed and the simplicity of the little Dutch girl is made convincing and appealing by Miss Gaynor's fine portrayal. Rudolph Schildkraut as the father and Charles Morton as the boy are memorable but Janet Gaynor is unforgettable.

Photoplay June 1929

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US 1929

Directed by

Rudolph Schildkraut
Harry Cording


Running time:7,651 ft. 1

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