Romance of the Rio Grande 1929

If you liked "In Old Arizona" — and who didn't? — you'll get out of your seat and dance in the aisles over this rich and roaring melodrama of young love in Old Mexico.

Warner Baxter, who came so far back as The Cisco Kid, puts on his Mexican suit once more — a rich and gaudy one, this time, for Warner plays the beloved grandson of Don Fernando, lord of ten thousand acres south of the Rio Grande. And how Baxter plays the romantic role — even going so far as to sing a song — is nobody's business but yours, and yours, and yours!

The story has all sorts of chances for color and melodramatic action. Love and land-jealousy cause trouble between Baxter and a newly villainous Antonio Moreno, while the rich and noble senorita is Mary Duncan, and the lovelorn Cinderella is played by a sensational newcomer named Mona Maris. Tony and the two ladies perform magnificently, and the dependable Robert Edeson does better than well as old Don Fernando.

The whole thing sparkles, from fight to fiesta and from lavish to long-suffering love. "Romance of Rio Grande," to these reportorial eyes, has about everything we demand of our talking pictures, 1930 model — speed, color, romance, atmosphere, good acting and two fine songs out of just two tries. You'll go strongly for "You'll Find the Answer in My Eyes." Recommended highly. All Talkie.

Photoplay January 1930

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Romance of the Rio Grande
US 1929

Directed by
Alfred Santell

Soledad Jiménez
Charles Byer


Running time:8,640 ft. 1

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