They Had to See Paris 1929

A horse doctor's gotta be smarter than any other kind of doctor because a horse can't tell you where it hurts" that's one of Will Rogers' punch lines. The real Will Rogers steps before the microphone and you'll have to forgive him for all those silent efforts. He's great!

The story concerns a suddenly rich Oklahoma family who bear down on Paris for culture and background. In this Rogers is reunited to Irene Rich, his first leading lady, who gives an elegant performance. Marguerite Churchill, as the daughter, is a gal who bears watching, but the feminine hit is a real French "mamselle," one Fifi Dorsay.

This is big entertainment, with Will Rogers giving some of our first rate emotional actors a run for their Saturday night remittance.
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Photoplay December 1929

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They Had to See Paris
US 1929

Directed by

Owen Davis Jr.
Gregory Gaye
Sherwood Bailey


Running time:8,602 ft. 1

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