The Sky Hawk 1929

If you don't leave the theater after seeing this one with a firm resolve to be gallant, brave and courageous and talk with an English accent, then you're a hard-boiled old cynic.

For here is as fine a bit of the war as has ever been filmed and as charming a glimpse into young love in Britain as you'll find outside Galsworthy.

A boy from the English stage, John Garrick, plays the aviator who is accused of cowardice and goes out to knock off a Zeppelin that's raiding London. These raids are thrilling, and expertly handled by director Blystone. The action takes place in London and centers around the aviator and his sweetheart, played by Helen Chandler. Garrick and Miss Chandler are full of charm, with Garrick taking the honors. See this, by all means. All Talkie.

Photoplay February 1930

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The Sky Hawk
United States 1929

Directed by
John G. Blystone

Lumsden Hare
Daphne Pollard
Percy Challenger
Mary Gordon
Ellinor Vanderveer


Running time:67 minutes
Country:United States

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