Dik Trom is a cheerful, honest, a little bit overweighted boy who lives in Dikkedam. All the inhabitants are as thick and exuberant as he, as they eat cake every day. Dik has many good friends and is the best in jumping into the swimming pool. His happy life changes when the family is moving to Dunhoven, where his father is starting a new restaurant. In Dunhoven is no one is thick, everyone is just very thin and the people are only concerned with their appearance and health. They are therefore not waiting for that thick family and their restaurant filled with calories. Not only the restaurant has a difficult start, also Dik has difficulty adapting. For the first time in his life he becomes aware of his size, especially when he falls in love with Lieve, the thinnest girl of Dunhoven. The mother of Lieve is a dietician and she weighs her daughter every day. Dik is not the only boy who has eyes for Lieve. Viktor, the brutal son of the gym owner, is also competing for her hand. The battle between the two will be settled during the local summer competition.

Dik Trom
Netherlands 2010

Directed by

Sieger Sloot
Plien van Bennekom


Running time:85 minutes

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