The Man in Grey 1943

Clarissa, the loveliest of London's debutantes in the 1890s, is now married to the Marquis of Rohan. Hesther, her best friend at finishing school, has become an actress. On her way to see Hesther's new play, Clarissa is help up by a highwayman, whom she later recognises as the actor playing opposite Hesther. The scheming Hesther subsequently comes to live with Clarissa, and starts a chain of intrigue which will involve all four principlas in tragedy, violence and death.

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Title:William K. Everson and the British Cinema - Program Notes for the New School for Social Research
Magazine:Film History
Illustrations:  yes

The Man in Grey
United Kingdom 1943

Directed by
Leslie Arliss

Martita Hunt
Helen Haye
Beatrice Varley
Raymond Lovell
Kathleen Boutall
Patric Curwen
Roy Emerton


Country:United Kingdom

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