Here Comes Mr. Jordan 1941

Heavenly messenger Edward Everett Horton makes a dreadful error and sends prizefighter Robert Montgomery up to heaven 50 years before his time - and just as Montgomery was set to win the world's boxing championship. The problem the celestial powers have to solve? To find a new body for the boxer to occupy on his return to earth. 1

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Here Comes Mr. Jordan
United States 1941

Directed by
Alexander Hall

Rita Johnson
John Emery
Halliwell Hobbes
Bobby Larson
Billy Dawson
William Forrest
Theresa Harris
Edmund Elton
Mary Currier
John Ince
Scott Seaton
Larry Wheat
Heinie Conklin
Cyril Ring
Douglas Wood
Selmer Jackson
Joseph Crehan
William Newell
Jack Perry


Running time:94 minutes
Country:United States

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