The Home Towners 1928

The chief thing to recommend this picture is that it is the smoothest, most natural talking picture to date. The Cohan play would not lend itself to the silent picture but it comes to us as a talkie with none of the stage charm lost.

The man with a Main Street mind comes to New York and almost wrecks the life of his dearest friend, destroying his romance and breaking his friendships. The story belongs primarily to Richard Bennett and Robert McWade, and both their voices register marvelously. The big surprise of the picture is Doris Kenyon, who plays the part of the fiancee. Her voice is so musical, so resonant with feeling, and immediately conveys such charm, we realize the talking picture has given her a new screen personality. For those who have never seen the stage play, the picture will be a delight.

Photoplay December 1928


The Home Towners
United States 1928

Directed by
Bryan Foy



Country:United States

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