Nancy Carroll, Charles Rogers - Close Harmony
Charles Rogers, Nancy Carroll - Close Harmony
Nancy Carroll, Charles Rogers - Close Harmony

This vaudeville backstage hit is the last word in talking pictures. First, Buddy Rogers encounters the "mike" with the most pleasing results. He has a gorgeous speaking voice. His poise and facility prove his phenomenal success due to honest ability, not lucky breaks. Also, it's Nancy Carroll's first all-talkie. Her voice is clear and resonant her songs the latest from Ziegfeld's. Likewise . Skeets Gallagher and Jack Oakie, a comedy team that'll panic the world. Harry Green is a knockout as the harassed producer.

There's no attempt at epic. A sophisticated chorine helps a shy but clever boy sell his act to Broadway. To this modern story and the cast's excellent work is brought brilliant handling and faultless synchronization.

Photoplay May 1929

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Paul L. Nemcek
The Films of Nancy Carroll
New York, 1969

Close Harmony
United States 1929

Directed by

Harry Green
Matty Roubert
Ricca Allen
Greta Granstedt


Country:United States

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