The Lady Lies 1929

This magnificently staged and acted drawing room comedy is another milestone in the talkie's progress. Critics of the baby talking picture said the phonoplay would be good only for action melodramas and the more obvious sort of story. This picture makes them look silly.

Here is a smart, sophisticated little comedy of New York life that tingles with punch, done with much imagination by Director Hobart Henley. It is the story of how two growing children hurled themselves into the lives of their father and his pretty shopgirl sweetheart. It has stinging drama and it has a storm of laughs many furnished by Charles Ruggles as a gently stewed friend of the family. Walter Huston and the beautiful Claudette Colbert are stunning as the lovers. Claudette wears gorgeous duds.
All Talkie.

Photoplay December 1929


The Lady Lies
United States 1929

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Country:United States

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